Wholesale Line Rental

We are proud to have delivered the UK' s first WLR3 solution and continue to work closely with our clients to ensure we remain the undisputed leader in this space. We know that the right functionality, reliability and usability are essential for our clients to run their business effectively.

Strategic Imperatives WLR3 platform is a feature rich solution deployed by many of the UK' s leading communication providers. With over three million lines, the lowest error rate in the industry and our award winning support wrap we have the unrivalled experience to make WLR3 work for you.

The platform is available as a highly intuitive web based portal, Application Programming Interface (API) or a combination of both. It supports the full array of assurance and fulfilment functionality from Openreach, combined with an extensive toolset designed to streamline and enhance service delivery and reduce operational costs.

Our hosted delivery model enables communication providers to take advantage of the enhanced services offered by WLR3 with minimal risk and upfront capital investment whilst benefiting from enterprise grade business continuity and service delivery.

Competition is fiercer than ever with new providers regularly entering the market. We believe that the right WLR3 solution is essential to differentiate, gain an edge and win market share.

  • Award winning WLR3 implementation
  • Comprehensive support and industry leading subject matter expertise
  • Proven: over 3.5 million WLR lines, and 25,000 daily transactions
  • Channel to market for 500+ resellers
  • Support for wholesale telecom aggregators
  • Industry lowest error levels for WLR3 provisioning
  • Highly intuitive frontend
  • Agile integration framework and APIs
  • Extensive Billing, CRM and ticketing system backfill feeds
  • Managed, supported and hosted by Strategic Imperatives

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Innovation in usability

Our WLR3 portal sets new standards in terms of functionality and software design ergonomics. It provides a streamlined implementation utilising integrated dialogue services, process walkthroughs, wizard based navigation, context sensitive help and task management functionality. The development of the portal utilises extensive industry research and consultation with the communication providers community to identify how best they can benefit from new features offered by WLR3 and from the adoption of 100% process reference implementation.

The portal ensures that interactions with Openreach are validated by an upfront validation engine to reduce order rejection and improve customer experience. The validation engine employs rules that are exclusive to Strategic Imperatives and which have been developed through extensive order management experience in particular within the EMP and WLR domains.

• Highly intuitive web based front-end
• Wizard based process navigation
• Reseller self serve extension and Assurance only portal
• Batch order handling capability
• Order pre-validation and integrated dialogue services
• Comprehensive reporting and dashboards
• To Do lists and task management
• Manage orders created through the API
• Role based Configuration

Tools to seamlessly interact with external systems

At the core of Strategic Imperatives' WLR3 solution is our Elevate platform, a highly modular service delivery framework underpinned by a rich integration capability.

Our integration principles are based on a pragmatic approach that fully supports an incremental approach to integration ensuring rapid roll out and reducing risk.

As well as fully documented APIs supported by QA and development environments the system includes a single sign on module, embedded GUI wizards and billing/CRM backfill feeds allowing our WLR3 solution to coexist with any external system while maintaining order integrity and traceability.

• Business rather than technology driven interface
• Hides the complexity of the Openreach B2B interface
• Manages and protects from change to the Openreach B2B interface
• Provides high level services to rapidly integrate volume transactions
• Support for virtually all popular programming languages and environments
• API and Portal can be used simultaneously allowing an incremental and phased approach
• Exposes task and role based functionality

Focus on core competencies

Our fully hosted and supported WLR3 Bureau service offers many advantages over the traditional software delivery model.

Know-how - We have invested significantly in creating a centre of excellence for Openreach integration capabilities. We don't just understand B2B gateways and the WLR3 process; we know how Openreach EMP works, how to connect to it, what's behind it and what potential issues can occur.

Cash flow - No enterprise licences, on-going maintenance, hardware procurement and depreciation. Our hosted WLR3 service offers reduced total cost of ownership, lower upfront costs and predictable budgeting.

Infrastructure - When you partner with us for your WLR3 requirements, we provide the hardware, storage, security and communications infrastructure fully managed in our state-of-the-art Tier 4 ISO 27001 certified Data Centre.

Mitigate risk - Things change. If, for any reason, you no longer need a WLR3 solution, your exposure with a hosted arrangement is much less than with an outright software acquisition.

Time to implement - Communication providers do not have the luxury of long-term, risky and complex implementations. Our service delivery approach means that Strategic imperatives WLR3 solution can rapidly be made available and continuously scaled to meet requirements.

Continuous innovation - Strategic Imperatives innovates constantly, and these innovations can be made immediately available without the need for re-installing or re-configuring.

Focus on core competencies - This is the heart of Strategic Imperatives WLR3 value proposition. Let us take care of your operational requirements and give yourself more time and resources to manage and grow your core business.

Award winning subject matter expertise

Our UK based support team is by far the most experienced operational WLR3 team in the industry, supporting more communication providers and orders than all other WLR3 solution providers combined. All of our clients have direct access to product specialists who have a wealth of experience in both Openreach' s WLR product and our WLR3 platform.

Whether assistance is required with an individual order or with clarification of a WLR process, our support team is always available to assist. We pride ourselves on being highly responsive and work closely with both the industry and Openreach to escalate issues and improve our clients' experience.

Our WLR3 Platform processes thousands of orders every day which means that our support team have near real-time visibility of problems with Openreach system or less often our own. As part of our support wrap we always ensure that customers are notified of any service impacting issue often well before Openreach have even acknowledged them.

Enabling Reseller self-service

Wholesale or large communication providers require the ability to subdivide their base for management by multiple entities. Elevate WLR3 provides an out of the box configurable organisation hierarchy that supports a rich fully segregated WLR environment enabling multiple business units, channel resellers and corporate customers to become self-managing whilst ensuring that security and data protection requirements are met.

Each reseller can have access to a branded and fully sand boxed WLR3 portal as well as an instance of the API, reports and billing feeds to manage their assets. The wholesaler retains full control at all time with a detailed view of the entire asset base and the capability to act on behalf of resellers when required.

Reduce revenue leakage

We have extended our WLR3 solution to integrate with multiple carrier voice (Carrier Pre-Select or CPS) networks. Initial rollout includes Gamma although work is in progress to add TalkTalk and Vodafone voice networks.

CPS integration reduces the need to resort to manual intervention and eliminates the risk of revenue leakage caused by delaying CPS provisioning thus forcing voice traffic to be routed via the BT Network.

How does Integrated CPS work?

Typically the application of CPS processes requires downloading daily WLR reports to identify lines that have recently been installed or transferred, and then visiting the voice or CPS provider' s portal to manually submit the required CPS orders. This process can be time consuming as well as potentially costly when calls pass over the BT network until the CPS order is live. In most cases some revenue leakage is inevitable due to the delay between the completion of the WLR order and application of CPS.

With automated CPS the Strategic Imperatives portal will automatically submit a CPS order when a WLR order is committed (rather than complete). As soon as the WLR line is live any calls made will route over the CPS provider network rather than BT without any delays.

Deep rooted expertise

Launched in October 2006, Elevate for EMP quickly became the most used interface to access the Openreach EMP. The platform was released simultaneously with Openreach' s first EMP release (for LLU) a reflection of SI' s deep involvement with the industry as whole to create an equivalent platform for the new generation of communication providers.

Elevate for EMP enabled the national rollout of LLU services for the majority of the UK communication providers including Opal (now TalkTalk), C&W (now Vodafone), Pipex and Orange. Today the platform successfully processes thousands of LLU transactions daily.

In 2007, Strategic Imperatives became the first organisation to complete bilateral testing with Openreach to deliver WLR3 services to the industry. Over 50% of the UK WLR estate (in excess of 3.5 million lines) is currently managed via the Elevate platform, which is used by over 200 direct communication provider clients. Our WLR3 solution has become the firm favourite with wholesale providers through which the platform is used by over 500 communication resellers.

Building on a solid tradition for innovation and exceptional time to market agility, Strategic Imperatives rolled out support for Openreach Next Generation Access (NGA) products in 2010 after extensive collaboration with Openreach and TalkTalk (a day one NGA trialist).

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