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PerformNT is a strategic planning tool that addresses key business challenges faced by organisations managing a high volume of calls. It provides an insight into multiple historical and real-time parameters to determine calling patterns, level of dropped calls, response times and average handling times. The information is summarised by year, month or day so that trends can be identified and a proactive approach taken to resolve any potential issues.

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PerformNT utilises new functionality made available via the Openreach WLR3 platform to access and analyse exchange level information previously only available to BT Retail enterprise customers. It enables communication providers to offer an equivalent service and a more integrated solution portfolio.

PerformNT requires no software or hardware deployment and utilises Strategic Imperatives proven SaaS infrastructure to provide a clear view on a number of critical satisfaction indicators including:

• Call waiting times
• Duration of calls
• Level of demand, incoming and outgoing
• Peak call periods
• Number of dropped calls
• Trunk utilisation

PerformNT is available as a white label service for any communication provider or reseller using WLR3 to offer to their enterprise customers.